Thursday, 1 August 2019

Valuable Inventory Scraped Content Fix-AppTH

Hello everyone I hope all of you are using adsense for there blogs as they pay a very good amount for your hardwork but in a couple of months people are getting some problems like valuable inventory scraped content

Now What really valuable inventory scraped content means,It means that,the data available on your website has been copied from some source or some websites,it may be some pics,thumbnails and also a whole article.As new bloggers we don't  know how to write a blog post,so wejust simply go to some popular websites and copy-paste the whole article which is absolutely wrong.Blogging is not an easy task,if you have passion for it then you will need to do some hardwork to earn a good amount of money from blogging.

To Write a good post you will need to research atleast 2-3 days,just simply took a topic,Google it and collect as much information as you can,then simply remember the whole topic and start writing in your own language,own words and do this atleast for 10-20 posts and then see your blog will start rising.

  • How To Fix Valuable Inventory Scraped Content ?
If your blog is having this problem,then you will need to clean out all the duplicate data which you have copied from others.

Here are some of the best tools to fix it.


Here is one of the  best plagiarism checker which will help you to find and delete all the duplicate content available on your website

Valueable Inventory Scraped Content Fix
Valuable Inventory Scraped Content Fix

Here you are having two options as shown in the picture above,Either you can copy the whole article and paste it here to check duplication of words or you can simply put the url of the article which you have published,so make a habit,after writing a blog post put it in plagiarism check to check duplication.If you found some duplication try to fix all that and then publish it on the website

2. CopyScape Valuable inventory scraped content Fix

CopyScape is the best ever plagiarism checker as here you will not have to put articles one by one,here just simply put your websites URL and within 5 mins it will scan the whole website and will display all the duplicate content available on your website

Valuable inventory scraped content fix
Valuable inventory scraped content fix

Simply put your website here  and go  through the whole duplicate data available on your website,remove it and then reapply for adsense